Conscious movement to improve quality of life

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Move well. Feel Better. Love life.

Life Through Movement help you reconnect with your body and mind to reach your fullest potential.

Tell me - how do you get out of a car?

It may seem like a strange question. But think about it - can you tell me the sequence of individual movements you make?

Your body and mind work in unison to help you achieve wonderful and complex movements without a second thought. We can act without awareness of our physical motions, or the thoughts that lead to them until that luxury isn’t available.

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Life Through Movement helps people of all ages, life stages, strength and wellbeing levels.

Our focus is education, gentle movement and conscious thinking. We gently guide you to understand your body and support you to break unhelpful physical and mental patterns and develop alternatives.

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Based on the Feldenkrais Method

Your certified Life Through Movement practitioner uses non-invasive techniques and will encourage you to move at your own pace - your safety and comfort is our priority.

Some of the benefits of choosing Life Through Movement can include:


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