Conscious movement to improve quality of life

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Feldenkrais Services

Ready to find confidence and joy in movement again?

Life Through Movement is beneficial for people of all ages, life stages and situations. Physical movement can be hindered or helped by our thoughts, habits and quality of movements. Life Through Movement supports you to move slowly and safely with awareness and intention. You’ll build strong foundations to make ongoing, sustainable change.

Before you get started, Sue (your Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner) will talk with you to make sure you’re completely comfortable and get to know the details of your circumstance and what you’d like to achieve.

Functional Integration Session

A Functional Integration Session will increase your awareness. You’ll learn how to think and move consciously and experience comfort, enjoyment, and ease of movement.

You’ll be guided to pay close attention to your movements, body sensations and thoughts. Each session is carefully designed with your needs and goals in mind.

What to expect

Wear comfortable clothing. Non-invasive touch, verbal guidance and gentle movement. Based on your needs, you might sit, stand, lie down or have a combination of the three.

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Awareness Through Movement Classes

Awareness Through Movement Classes are offered in a group setting. By increasing awareness of your habits and focusing on the quality of your movements, you’ll make changes without tension or force. You’ll be guided through a series of movements and offered individual advice to facilitate your improvement.

What to expect

(3-4 maximum from Sutherland office, 8 maximum outdoors).
Wear comfortable clothing. Lessons are available in blocks of four, each with a specific focus.

Life Through Movement Feldenkrais Workshops

Life Through Movement group workshops help with common challenges that many people experience. They will run for ½ day on a weekend – the number of people will depend on the venue. Make sure you don’t miss out by signing up to Life Through Movement emails.

Some workshop topics include:

Relaxation– calm and regulate your nervous system by focussing on breathing.

Walking – improve your ability and confidence to walk on uneven surfaces.

Driving – decrease discomfort getting in and out of the car, when turning your head to park.

What to expect

Wear comfortable clothing. The group will focus on guided movements in line with the topic. All welcome.

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With awareness comes change. Without change, progress is impossible.

How will you feel in a year, if you don't choose change now?