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Meet Sue. Owner of Life Through Movement. Certified Feldenkrais practitioner in Sutherland Shire.

Living proof that you can restore your quality of life.

If you’ve experienced physical pain, you know how much it can affect your everyday life. I’ve been there.

I vividly remember the early 2000’s. I spent much of it lying on the floor to relieve the spasming pain of a debilitating back condition. With a desk job, a husband, and two children, it was less than ideal.

The doctor said there was nothing wrong … but my pain and limitations were real. Various approaches to treat and fix me returned minimal results. I couldn’t sit or stand without pain. Turning to reverse the car? Forget it. Walking further than the bathroom & kitchen was a struggle.

Anger, frustration, and resentment forced their way into my life. My time and energy were exhausted dealing with pain. I mentally prepared for life to be miserable like this, long term.

Then a friend recommended a Feldenkrais practitioner to me … I was skeptical. It was different from anything I’d experienced.

At first, I resisted. Our brains are wired to go with what we know. Breaking habits, in mind and body, can feel scary.


“Movement is life; without movement life is unthinkable”
- Moshe Feldenkrais

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Slowly, the gentle, supportive nature, individualised nature of the Feldenkrais method broke my barriers. Then I experienced real, life-changing results.

I found joy in movement and life again. Confidence to do the things I wanted. And a mental and physical awareness to restore and maintain my abilities for the long term.

The education and mind-body connection I learned, is a skill I have for life. I use it every day to keep my mind closely related to my movements.

I believe, if you experience anything that brings joy and happiness to others … it’s your duty as a good human to pay it forward.
After 3.5 years of training, I became a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, and Life Through Movement was born.

I work with people of all ages and stages, from all walks of life to move them closer to their goals. Whether it’s simple everyday movements and activities, reducing pain, lifting the grandkids, or increasing confidence, there’s no one size fits all – but there is something for everyone at Life Through Movement.

Life is short. Live it to the fullest.